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Because it’s been many months since we first made the discovery, as a public service the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders would like to remind everyone that baby Horseshoe Crabs are incredibly small and awesomely cute. The wee hatchlings in these photos are baby Atlantic Horseshoe Crabs (Limulus polyphemus).

"Atlantic Horseshoe Crabs lay eggs 2,000 to 30,000 eggs, which hatch approximately 2 weeks later. Hatchlings stay in tidal areas for about a year before traveling into deeper areas of the ocean."

These little ones were recently collected from local tidal areas by husbandry staff from the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. They’ll be kept under quarantine for one month and then moved to the aquarium’s invertebrate touch tanks.

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Big Cat in the Little City.


Big Cat in the Little City.




Paradise lost, Ed Freeman

This country ain’t nothing but a Ghost Town.



This bird is my hero.

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UK-based artist and designer INSA (previously featured here) recently traveled to Taiwan for the Pow! Wow! Taiwan international street art festival. He collaborated with friend and fellow artist MADSTEEZ to create this awesome piece of Gif-iti on the side of an eight-story building.

INSA and MADSTEEZ spent five days painting around the clock, enduring monsoon rains, to create this gorgeous mural. And remember, because it’s Gif-iti, they had to paint it more than once. It took four passes to create the finished piece. It’s the largest Gif-iti mural that Insa has created yet.

Click here for a time-lapse video of the creation of this fantastic animated mural.

Head over to Insaland for process photos.

I enjoy coffee. Don’t you? So do these animals!



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Spitzkoppe - Namibia (von josecito312)


Spitzkoppe - Namibia (von josecito312)

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There’s a story here.

There’s a story here.


Atypical by Pawel Nolbert

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Star Trek concept art, Enterprise interior sets - Mike Minor (1977)

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These are beautiful

Such detail!

Oh wow, I would have loved if we’d had camera angles like the first image in TOS. These are so fantastic, there’s this real haze of ethereal future on them.

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Hey folks! I’m going to be at Wizard World Philly this weekend, June 19 thru June 22. Please come say hi!  I’ll be right in the perfect center of the show floor, with tons of fresh prints. Looking forward to meeting you!

modHERO, WW Philly 2014
Booth #1026
June 19-22





Bob Ross soothes and calms and makes me happy like nothing else I’ve ever known.

Fun fact: Bob Ross was a Marine drill sergeant for several years, but quit because he didn’t like yelling at people.

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Duane Cregger, Chitter Chatter, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 40 in., 2013.


Duane Cregger, Chitter Chatter, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 40 in., 2013.

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