Quite amazing to see how Moebius’s distintive style is lost when the coloring is overdone. I can see why a publisher might want to try and “update” the look using new coloring techniques, but the art sure suffers. 


Today is apparently Colorist Appreciation Day, according the comics internet. In case there were any questions about creative legitimacy concerning the role of the colorist in comics, look at this comparison above. The first image is from the original release of Jodorowsky and Moebius’ The Incal, colored by Isabelle Beaumenay-Joannet. The second is from the atrocious recoloring for a 2003 re-release, which was also released in the states under a partnership with DC Comics.

Beaumenay-Joannet’s colors are simple and elegant, allowing the fullness of Moebius’ line to come through, and the space and loneliness to be felt. The recolored page, with all of its gaudy textures and gradients, destroy all of that. My eyes are way too busy processing all that muck to notice the line and composition of the page, and it all falls apart on me. You can see more examples in this post by Joe McCulloch, where he breaks down a bit the coloring history for The Incal(I had no idea that Yves Chaland only colored the first chapter of until I first read this).

The value of colorists: sort of a no-brainer.