These are really great. Mags definitely needs to lose the outside-underpants. 

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Project: Rooftop FF Redesign

I did okay in this competition! I got a high score and nice remarks from Stuart Immonen, which sort of makes the less-complimentary comments and scores not so important. :)  There are some fantastic designs and interpretations of the FF here. Check it out!

FF Redesign

This is one of my favorites:

Elizabeth Beals

Elizabeth Beals

I’ve usually enjoyed the look of the Fantastic Four. They have a color unity and symmetry to their costumes that says “team”, “family” “action” and “science!” That said, they can be a little square. I’d like to think that if they went to some late-night Inhuman soiree on the moon they wouldn’t wear the same outfits they wore to the Negative Zone collecting slime samples. Still, the clothes have got to be as action-ready as they are fun. You know as soon as _______________ (the longtime enemy of ______________) shows up, there’s gonna be stretching, flaming, clobbering, and …er.. invisbling?